April 19, 2024
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Recent news of Madison Dearborn’s purchase of MoneyGram has caused a stir in the financial world, particularly in the digital currency sector. As part of the $700 million deal, Madison Dearborn has taken on MoneyGram’s $700 million debt, allowing the formerly public company to focus on digital assets like Stellar and USDC. The private equity firm’s interest in digital currencies and blockchain highlights the growing importance of these technologies in the market. The acquisition also has significant implications for cross-border payments, where technologies like Stellar are expected to become increasingly important in delivering cheaper transactions.

The MoneyGram partnership

Although the current market is down due to a lawsuit by SEC’s Gensler against Finance for accusations of selling securities, targeting smaller digital assets like Solana, ADA, and Cardano, experts predict the market will soon recover. Stellar’s partnership with MoneyGram is expected to be second to none, securing the network and ensuring network effect. With this expansion, providers will be able to access all 350,000 territories, highlighting Stellar’s importance in cross-border remittance company payments. Analysts predict that as cryptocurrencies and digital assets become more important across the economy, all assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP, will see an increase in value. As more money is printed in the coming years due to the lack of a debt ceiling, commodities, including cryptocurrencies, are expected to increase in price. While this increase may have both positive and negative effects, the market’s future looks promising for providers of digital currencies.

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