October 04, 2023
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Financial Services and Markets Act The New Bill

Cryptocurrencies like Stellar (XLM) and Zion coins have the potential to benefit from trillions of dollars flowing into the market. The recent approval of a landmark UK finance bill recognizing crypto as a regulated financial activity is driving the market turnaround. This bill, known as the Financial Services and Markets Act, gives regulators more control over the financial system, including crypto assets. It also brings stable coins into the scope of regulation.

New UK Crypto Hub for the world

The UK government aims to turn the country into a crypto hub, while the US is lagging behind in regulatory progress, facing criticism for not protecting consumers or providing clarity for innovators. However, it is expected that the US will eventually catch up with the rest of the world. Dollar cost averaging or pound cost averaging is recommended for investing in cryptocurrencies, allowing individuals to gradually invest over time. It is important to conduct thorough research and be smart with investments by diversifying and maintaining an emergency fund.

Bitcoin Cash First Republic Bank Starting a Bull Run?

The video also touches on the potential growth of Bitcoin Cash and First Republic, emphasising the importance of technical and fundamental analysis in identifying entry and exit points in the market. The content creator, Nathan (aka Nathan of Zion), plans to release more videos discussing these topics in detail.